Dunlop DDH IV Long Distance Two Piece Durable Cover 

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  • Dunlop DDH IV Long Distance Two Piece Durable Cover
  • High-quality brand new good
  • Dunlop golf ball
  • DoDecaHedron dimple design
  • 360 dimples
  • Size Large
  • Made in the US
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The Dunlop DDH IV is the newest ball in the evolution of Dunlop’s exclusive DodecaHedron dimple design, the samea technology that has been helping golfers at all levels to improve their games since 1981. The DDH design consists of 360 dimples of varying depths and diameters grouped in twelve identical pentagons.

The DDH IV’s two-piece construction consists of a revolutionary, patent-pending core composition provides a softer core compression while achieving the highest initial velocity allowed by the Rules of Golf. The core is surrounded by a specially-blended Surlyn cover,which provides maximum protection against cutting or scuffing. The resulting core and cover combination delivers outstanding length and durability without sacrificing feel.

If you want to improve your game, tee up the ball that gives you more… the Dunlop DDH IV.

  • Package dimension approx. 13 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Package weighs approx. 0.15 kg


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